Autonomous purification facilities, heat pumps, pumping stations, water drain

Main Ukraine together with the civilized world has entered the twenty first century at the height of struggle for preservation of the environment. The problem of environmental protection is especially acute and touches upon not only big manufacturing enterprises but also directly each of us. In the course of water use by people, it changes its inherent characteristics and very often becomes dangerous from the sanitary point of view that is why the drainage and purification of sewage is of crucial importance. So, the corresponding state regulatory authorities are more and more actively requiring to meet the demands of sanitary and hygienic and fisheries regulations because the extent of human waste products by several times exceeds the renewal capacities of Mother Nature. Today it is actually impossible to put any manufacturing, commercial, public or private project in commission without the equipment of the necessary water and wastewater treatment facilities.

One more crucially important ecological problem that worries the society nowadays is the efficient use of entrails of the earth and decrease of the negative impact on ecology made in the course of energy products development in general. Fortunately, today thanks to the up-to-date technologies, the solution of these problems may be realized at an extremely high level. Modern purification facilities provide high level of environmental protection. Due to alternative energy sources, the heat pumps in particular, we may keep to the high level of environmental security by means of decrease of the negative effect on environmental condition in the course of its operation.

“Alpin Zakhid” expresses its gratitude to all people who take care of environment and make their contribution to the ecological safety of our land and the world in general.

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