Thanks to the use of unique modern technologies of biologic purification of sanitary and other similar effluents, the manufacturing company Alpin Zakhid TM AlpineSS is one of the national leaders in this sector. For many years, our enterprise has been producing high-quality and high productive equipment for purification of sanitary and other similar effluents of any contamination level. Purification facilities and engineering systems are designed and manufactured by highly qualified workers of the company in accordance with scientific techniques of modern and innovative materials usage, which guarantees their quality and long-term operating service by the user. In the course of production of purification facilities, fat and oil separators including pumping stations there is used a unique specialized extra strong material

– Czech polypropylene or polyethylene. Today the purification facilities of Alpin Zakhid are operating perfectly well at hundreds of welfare and industrial facilities. The systems are projected individually for each object, according to the wastewater contamination level. Such approach to the development of wastewaters purification techniques and selection of purification equipment allows us to achieve the optimal results in the ratio price-effectiveness-durability.

Alpin Zakhid is looking to cooperate with industrial and private property developers, project organizations. Preservation of the environment is a shared responsibility! The more we pollute the ground and the surrounding water resources the more expensive for us will be the drawing of pure drinking water. Do not cut down expenses for cesspool – receive (for you and for your children) confidence in the future. Let you and your children have an opportunity to drink crystal pure water. Buy the biologic wastewater purification facility produced by TM AlpineSS and get a long-life guarantee (from 50 years) of pure water from you water horizons. Thank you for reasoned choice!