Alpin-Zakhid LLC is looking to cooperate with construction companies as dealers that are interested in sale and service maintenance of purification facilities produced by AlpineSS in its region.

Experiment shows that actually all the customers of purification facilities produced by AlpineSS show their interest not only in the purchase of purification facilities but also in installation and start-and-adjustment works. Moreover, they are ordering the services connected with laying shower and groundwater control systems.
In such a way, a great virtue in the course of a dealer approval is the availability of experience in installation of water-distribution and sewerage systems. The dealer bears warranty and servicing responsibilities, indicated in agreements. Alpin Zakhid is constantly broadening its network and provide favorable conditions for cooperation with both big companies and private entrepreneurs.
We are ready to provide you with full consultative, informative and technical support for vigorous activity of the dealer.