Take care of the environment and make a significant contribution to new Ukraine with openhearted people living in it. Value each an opportunity offered to you to make the dreams of Ukrainian heroes of all generations come true.

A considerable amount of recreation complexes of our wonderful Carpathians conceal their dumping of sanitary effluents into “pure” rivers. Unfortunately, there are not so many mountain rivers one may drink water from. All this is left as a legacy to us and our children. In order to preserve the opportunity to drink water directly from a river, Alpin-Zakhid Company TM “AlpineSS” is applying to all who use a hidden method of wastes dumping into our common “wealth”.

  We all realize that the flow of tourists who have given their hearts to Ukrainian Crimea will arrive or come flying from all parts of Ukraine in order to enjoy the service provided by your complex and to admire the beauty of landscapes and crystal-clear rivers, but will find what they have left in the toilets instead. Would they like to return? May be they had better go abroad?

  Alpine sources or neighboring Carpathians enriched with multiple pure mountain rivers and this is despite the fact that the limit of dumping into water bodies in terms of BOD is higher than in CIS countries (it touches upon purification facilities of a small amount of sanitary effluents, for detached houses etc.) Biological oxygen demand for polishing effluents on their entering water bodies should not exceed the norms of maximum permissible discharge in terms of BOD: Europe – up to 30 mg/l Ukraine – up to 15mg/l (there is presented only one factor to understand the subject matter of the above-mentioned). Without the biologic purification by means of the autonomous drain (scientific: PURIFICATION FACILITIES of sanitary, industrial wastewaters) the effluents are entering the water bodies with the index of min 365 mg/l in terms of BOD (this is from one person). Can you imagine what is floating in our rivers and what is going on with the ecosystem of water bodies? Would you like to drink it? Will you put your leg in it? Many thanks to the owners, managers and all kind people who installed and brought into operation the biological effect purification facilities in RC Bukovel.

  It is an intelligent move to preserve the environment of this RC, which gives an opportunity to join to the sewage system more and more objects and at the same time allows carrying out control over the ecologic situation and attracting new and regular visitors with the purity of natural resources.   

  nderstanding the financial instability of some estates or recreation complexes, the company with great pleasure will give some break for the deferment of payment for TM AlpineSS local biologic effect purification facility. It will happen only in case if there really exists a demand for a grace period. The idea of the development and maintenance of purity of mountain rivers was created definitely not by humans, that is why the biggest reward will be a draught of cold but living water from rapid Carpathian rivers of Ukraine. This article was written after returning from one-day trip to the village of Myslivka, Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Every time we enjoy the taste of river water in this area.